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Blackhawks say Perry engaged in unacceptable conduct and move to terminate his contract

CHICAGO — The Chicago Blackhawks say Corey Perry engaged in unacceptable conduct and they are moving toward terminating his contract in the latest twist involving the veteran winger who was sent home last week without explanation.

The Blackhawks said Tuesday in a statement that an internal investigation showed Perry acted in violation of his NHL Standard Player Contract and their club policies “intended to promote professional and safe work environments.” Chicago put Perry on unconditional waivers and said his deal will be terminated as long as he clears Wednesday.

The team has not given any indication as to what Perry did to warrant these actions.

“As this is an individual personnel matter, I will not be able to disclose any details related to the initial reporting or the findings,” general manager Kyle Davidson said Tuesday.

“However, I do want to be very clear on this point. This does not involve any players or their families, and anything that suggests otherwise, or anyone that suggests otherwise, is wildly inaccurate and frankly it’s disgusting.”

Perry hasn’t played since he skated for almost 15 minutes during a 3-2 loss to Buffalo on Nov. 19. He was scratched for Chicago’s past three games before Tuesday night’s matchup with Seattle.

Agent Pat Morris did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment on the Blackhawks’ intent to terminate Perry’s contract. Over the weekend, he said in a statement that Perry had stepped away to attend to personal matters.





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